Kathleen Lester, MS, CARPT, CCMT
Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher
We come to your home and work with your animal companion. A Reiki practitioner will facilitate healing by lightly placing their hands on or just above the animal; Reiki can also be given from a distance, either close proximity (ie. in the same room) or from miles away (another county, state, country, etc.) and is just as effective as in person treatments.

“In Person” Reiki Treatments

Kathleen provides Reiki in the Greater Baltimore Area. Kathleen will meet with your animal at your location (e.g. home, farm, park, etc.). The first session takes approximately 1 1/2 hours - Kathleen will talk with you about the animal's health and well being, your intentions for Reiki and she will provide the first treatment. At the conclusion of the treatment, Kathleen will discuss with you her recommendations for additional Reiki treatments based on the specific needs of the animal and the condition being treated.

It is generally recommended that the animal receive 4 "in person" treatments within the first few weeks and then weekly treatments thereafter until the animal is healthy again. After the initial treatment, subsequent sessions usually take 30 minutes to an hour.

Pricing (in home services):

  • "In Person" Initial Session (1 1/2 hours): $105
  • "In Person" 1 Hour Session: $75
  • "In Person" 1/2 Hour Session: $40"

"In Person" 50 minute session at two locations:

  • Breathe Books, 2nd & 4th Fridays, Baltimore, MD: $75
  • Dogs & Co., Columbia, MD: $75
Distance Reiki

Kathleen can provide Distance Reiki to animals that can often be as effective as "in person" Reiki. Regardless of where you live, Kathleen can facilitate healing. Kathleen will schedule a time when you and the animal will be together and the animal can be in a relaxed state for the treatment, then Kathleen will meditate and send Reiki to your animal for 20 or 40 minutes. Kathleen may also request a phone conversation during or after the first one or two treatments in order to solicit feedback as to how the animal is receiving the treatment and how Reiki is serving the animal.

It is recommended that the animal receive 4 distance sessions in the first week, and then weekly treatments thereafter until the animal is healthy again. After the initial treatment, subsequent distance sessions usually take 20 minutes.


  • Distance Reiki 20 Minutes: $30
  • Distance Reiki 40 minutes: $55
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